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Founded in 1977 and still family owned and operated.

Conveniently located in the heart of East Kildonan at the corner of Raleigh and Munroe, we offer a complete line of landscaping products & services for contractors, landscapers and homeowners.


Gardening +40 years exp.

Proud to have earned a reputation of being experts on quality soil mixtures, sod and gardening products.


Landscaping +40 years exp.

We’ve learned that building long-term relationships with people in our community is the secret to our success.

+40 yrs


+30 k

Miles of sod sold

+25 k

Gardens Created

+100 k



What we do.

Drive your truck or trailer in the yard and we’ll do all the heavy lifting. Or save your energy and let us deliver the material straight to your driveway or job site.


Soil 4-way mix

Our all-purpose soil has been vigorously screened and includes 40% black soil, 40% peat moss, 10% sand and 10% mushroom compost.


Plaster sand

A washed fine aggregate sand which is a primary ingredient in plaster mixes. It is commonly used in concrete mixes for mortar or stucco.



Our sod is grown using top-grade varieties of Certified Kentucky Bluegrass on top of a peat base. We sell out regularly so call ahead!


Decorative stones

We carry an assortment of river stone and black & pink granite in 3/4” and 1.5” sizes. Come in and grab some samples to match.



For driveways, fence posts and as a base for roadways and structures. We have 1/4, 3/4 down and 3/4 clean to get most jobs done.


Colored mulch

Clean recycled wood material in red, brown and black. We use a non-toxic color dye that is environmentally and pet friendly.

Don't know how much ``stuff`` to order?

Why Choose Us

Fast, friendly and affordable.

Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner, we offer speedy bulk pickup service and same-day deliveries when possible.


Open 7 days

Open every day to help you get your job done.


Creative ideas

If we can’t help you, we have a list of friends who can.


Free quotation

Don’t wait, call us today and get started.


Customer Focused

Building long term relationships within our community.

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    What clients say

    • When I get into trouble, which is always. The guys at Superior Soil always manage to save the day. Thanks Jim!

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      • Sarah Lyons
      • Home design
    • I pick up a lot of my dirt and stones when I'm in that area and they always get me in and out quickly!

      Client Image
      • Mike Jones
      • Landscaper
    • I don't go anywhere else for soil & sod. Excellent quality and cheap!

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      • Jane Smith
      • Landscaper / Entrepreneur
    • I get my fresh soil delivered every spring to my home and Jim always gets it done right away!

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      • Mike Carson
      • Home owner

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    For immediate assistance, please call us direct at 204-663-5019.